Asset Management

"TriActive's annual fee was little more than we were already paying just for our Help Desk. TriActive's suite came with free training, a strong support staff, and more. Most importantly, it elimitated the data entry of entering serial numbers, specs, and software for all our equipment. Now I just check reports after a scan. Love it!"

Nancy Whitko
IT Help Desk Supervisor,
Wise Foods

The best asset tracking solution for your corporate IT environment

Why do organizations struggle knowing what they have? Their assets, hardware and softwareand end users are spread out, and are constantly changing.

Only TriActive can automate the auditing of inventory and security for all of your assets,regardless of location, number of locations, and scale.

Fixed Asset Tracking & Import

Triactive’s SaaS software model takes IT asset management to the next level, maintaining central catalogs of all processor, hardware, OS, software, and security information, and saving you and your IT helpdesk countless hours. In fact you could never keep up with the rate of change. Triactive’s Asset Management Suite also automatically associates the primary user for an asset, and optionally lets users keep their information current, when no other system can. You can also import or create fixed IT assets, such as printers, monitors, tablets and smartphones, and track and report on those as well. Those fixed assets, as well as financial and vendor information, can be associated directly with an asset.

Finally, our IT asset tracking allows you to create your own custom fields and urls, so you can link to photos of your IT assets, support contracts, manuals, and even the rack number and server room where a server may be located. Triactive Asset Management’s detailed asset view will show you all the information – model, serial number, CPU, motherboard, number of memory slots, capacity of the motherboard, and more.

True up Reports

Triactive’s Asset Management summary reports offer IT asset management both on a large scale and with clickable details. You can also create custom asset tracking reports to suit your needs, which can be exported into CSV, Excel, or PDF format.

Software Usage and Savings

TriActive’s Asset Management Suite also includes a comprehensive software catalog, where we categorize over 550,000 software titles. This helps make sense of all of the software in your environment. From finding duplicate categorized installations to rating machines at high, medium and low risk, we offer your IT service desk the information they need to take a deeper look.

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License Compliance

TriActive also offers significant opportunities for cost savings. Our Saas services help our customers avoid fines by ensuring that software is in compliance, and can often save our customers millions as we show them that they are not using the software licenses they have paid for.

Whether you are looking for detailed inventory, to associate your assets, secure them, or save money and make them efficient, Triactive’s Asset Management has you covered

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