Configuration Management

"The value TriActive brings Chateau is great. The reduction of man hours and expenses in diagnosing and resolving help desk issues, no more explaining the solution to several people over different media, no more driving between buildings, and automating after-hours patching are just a few of the benefits I get from TriActive."

Sean Godfrey
IT Manager,
Chateau Retirement Communities
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Remotely control and deliver software to any PC on the Internet without VPN

TriActive’s Configuration Management Suite offers all of the benefits of our Asset Management IT asset tracking, but with additional features and tools that many of our customers have grown to rely on.

Our IT configuration management software includes patch management, Internet software delivery, Package and uninstall scripts, and web remote control with Intel vPro Support. While all of these SaaS software features have been designed to delight our configuration management suite users, two stand out as truly unique and valuable.

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Patch Management

"IT managers spend as much as two hours or more every day just managing patches."
Gartner Group

TriActive’s Patch Management software was purpose built to help, by:

  • Scrubbing Microsoft’s bulletins for you
  • Guaranteeing all approved vulnerabilities are patched
  • Reaching mobile/remote systems, no matter where they are
  • Automating software distributions for any vendor’s product (even your own!)
  • Giving you total control or your patch process (from full automation to total granularity)
  • Enabling you to prove SOX compliance

TriActive’s Patch Communications are secure, robust, and flexible for machines both on and off the network. We offer proactive patching, reactive patch installations, patch verification, patch alerts, several methods of ongoing patch maintenance, and patch progress monitoring.

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Web Remote Control with Intel vPro Support

Configuration Management Suite customers can simply click on the Remote Control tab of their SaaS software, and they’ll see all of the machines on their network that have a microagent installed, and are ready to be remote controlled. Not only can you control these machines, but you also have access to some remote diagnostic tools as part of this configuration management feature.

This remote diagnostic tool set allows you to remotely look at the devices on that machine, start and stop services, shut down, reboot, remotely look at edit the registry, transfer files back and forth, and take advantage of either LAN-based remote control or web-based remote control (either unattended or interactive).

Our remote control technology uses ultra winVNC, which provides features such as full screen mode, refresh, Cntrl Alt Delete, and being able to control connection options. Our configuration management software also offers Intel vPro with AMD support, offering a host of additional features to any systems that are vPro enabled.

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