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IT Challenge

The IT department consists of 2 individuals. "I am currently responsible for 160 computers and users spread out from west coast to east coast," said James Walker, MIS Director. "Right now we have 16 locations throughout the US." Beldon also does a lot of in-house development and integration between various pieces of software. There is one other member of the IT Department whose primary role is to develop software (business applications) and whose secondary role is to assist James as a back up when he's out of the office. "Our main challenge was keeping track of and managing such a widespread infrastructure with very limited resources." said Walker.

Before switching to TriActive's integrated solution, Beldon used one product that only offered remote control and required the end users to initiate any remote session. Beldon also documented and cataloged their hardware and software using a Web-based utility that reported information, which was then printed and stored via hard-copy in binders. Tracking hardware and software changes was all but non-existent. "Solving end-user issues involved managing my inbox and writing verbal requests on paper while trying to keep items categorized and logged in a task list, which didn't offer user communication and resolution beyond me sending follow up emails," continued Walker. "It definitely didn't offer integration with other IT staff for easy transition while I was out of the office." Beldon relegated patch management to Microsoft's automatic updates managed through a group policy so the users couldn't modify the settings and turn it off altogether. However, with no reporting trying to determine whether a system was actually patched like it was supposed to be was left to spot checking when IT was fixing a user's PCs during a remote control session.


After evaluating a number of solutions, Beldon chose TriActive's integrated management suite back in May of 2007. TriActive's unattended remote control allows the IT staff to connect to computers even when their remote offices aren't open and users aren't around. This helps, considering the different time zones the IT staff manage and the fact that office hours in various branches aren't the same across the organization. Beldon also relies on TriActive's asset management features to catalog their assets' hardware and software inventory as well as track all the changes in both hardware and software across all assets. They also implemented TriActive's help desk which they use to manage their various end-user and asset issues. "The automated resolution notification to the user and EIHD features for use with my Blackberry save me tons of time and allow me to generate reports on where my time is being spent," continued Walker. Monthly SLA reports are generated for their corporate staff meetings that shows exactly where the IT staff spends their time with respect to other departments.

Walker also utilizes TriActive's patch management to keep all of their systems up-to-date. When the Conflicker worm was publicized and Microsoft put out its security bulletin recently, it only took Walker a few minutes to get the patches installed. Later, when verifying the patch status exception report, it looked as though there were four systems that didn't receive the patch. After scrambling to check the systems on the report, it was discovered that those were all systems that had been previously removed from service, but not deleted from the TriActive system. "Using TriActive's patch management is a breeze," said Walker. "In just minutes each month, I can manage the security of all 160 of our systems at all 16 locations."


Simply put, the value TriActive brings to Beldon Roofing is savings in both time and money. Getting up and running on TriActive's system was easy. Walker said he didn't have any of the installation issues that he had installing agents for other software manufacturers where the installation went awry as well as the agents not responding after the installation. This equaled time saved. The day-to-day asset management, user opportunity tracking and communication, unattended remote control, and patch management save the IT staff an incalculable amount of time. "Let's face it, when you are being pulled in all directions at the same time dealing with every conceivable IT issue, time is of the utmost importance and has an immeasurable impact on productivity," said Walker.

The decision to change to TriActive was an easy one to make as well for Beldon. With all the benefits TriActive had to offer, it didn't cost anything more to switch from their interactive remote control only product to TriActive's full suite. With no equipment or software to buy and being able to get up and running quickly equals money saved. Let's not forget that if you go out and buy equipment and software for another solution, you just added to the amount of stuff you have to track and maintain. Even if your new internal system saves you time down the road, you probably just traded the time saved, with the amount of time you spend maintaining that same hardware and software. "Get more for your money? No brainer with TriActive!" said Walker. "Trading time isn’t saving time, and time is money."