CDC Software®


CDC Software® began as a constellation of businesses that had built their successful products and services with a relentless focus on the customer. They serve many industries, including financial services, legal services, healthcare, home building and real estate, manufacturing, food and beverages, chemicals, and life sciences. CDC Software has over 6,000 customers and annualized revenues of $300M (2006 estimate for CDC Corporation).

IT Challenge

Since 2004, CDC Software has grown through acquisition from 300 employees to more than 2,000 employees and 35 offices worldwide. This amalgamation of companies presented some very difficult asset tracking issues. In particular, CDC Software needed to collect accurate and complete asset details about machines around the world every time a new acquisition was completed.

This growth also presented some new support challenges. With people working around the world in small and remote offices, it was not feasible to have IT staff onsite, nor was it possible to support all employees from one central location due to various time zones and international holidays. The solution needed to be easily accessible by both end users and technicians regardless of the time of day.


In order to address these growing pains, CDC Software purchased the TriActive® Asset Inventory Professional Suite (AIP) and the Help Desk Suite (HDS).

AIP is a complete, Web-based hardware and software tracking system. It allows organizations to track even remotely connected PCs and keep asset information current and easily accessible. AIP is the cornerstone of TriActive Systems Management solutions. CDC Software has used AIP to collect information on their assets around the world. “I know of no other solution that can provide me with the detailed information as easily and cost effectively as does AIP,” said Joe Butel, Vice President of IT Operations.

HDS is a robust and flexible Web-based help desk solution. It allows end users and IT support staff to access the help desk from any Internet connection. The intuitive interface makes HDS the perfect solution for a company looking for quick adoption and little required training. CDC Software was able to establish a supplemental help desk based in Asia to handle off-hour calls, something that no other solution allowed them to do.


CDC Software tried several other solutions to meet their needs. The other solutions either required too much internal infrastructure or were too rigid in the implementation. The free TriActive evaluation allowed CDC Software to determine whether this solution would work in their complex environment with no risk. The hosted, Web-based solution allowed the purchase decision to be made in a matter of days, and the responsive, knowledgeable TriActive staff was there for CDC Software to help move the solution forward.

Joe Butel sums it by saying, “TriActive has always delivered on their promises and has enabled my staff to bring increased value to the corporation.”