Chateau Retirement Communities®


Chateau Retirement Communities® is committed to providing you with a retirement lifestyle that is truly inspired. To discover what we mean by inspired living, we invite you to take advantage of our world-class services and amenities. We're dedicated to nurturing your overall well-being by providing choices: delicious and healthy meals; a state of the art fitness program; opportunities for friendship and socialization; stimulating activities and diverse entertainment; personal and group transportation; housekeeping and laundry services; and individualized assisted living care when needed.

For over 20 years, our local, family-owned and operated company has specialized in premier retirement communities throughout the Puget Sound region. Led by two generations of family members, our success, stability and reputation speaks to a company whose vision is informed by both its heart and mind. That's why life at Chateau is truly inspired.

IT Challenge

Chateau is a multi-location group of retirement communities spread through-out the Puget Sound region in Western Washington with over 100 users on staff, each site housing their own infrastructure, hardware, and software.

Chateau has one IT employee, IT Manager Sean Godfrey. Myriad and numerous IT challenges ranging from system and network to individual user support were all managed by Sean. With no central help desk, problems flowed in via voicemail, instant message, e-mail, walk-ups, etc. Ticket logging or tracking was non-existent. There was no software distribution framework, so desk-side visits to systems were required for all software distribution, updates, and worst of all, applying software and OS patches. This created many hours of unapproved overtime to update servers, as well as systems, after-hours to avoid interfering with end-user productivity.

Additionally, there was no hardware or software asset tracking solution in place so finding the systems to work on was difficult. This made system refresh (retirement and procurement) planning virtually impossible.


After reviewing a number of solutions, Godfrey selected TriActive's Desktop Management Suite (DMS) as his new service desk platform in May of 2006. "I have been using TriActive now for over three years," said Godfrey. "Their SaaS solution was easy to install in minutes to all the remote sites. The combined Suite provided me with all the tools that I needed to track and manage all our assets, as well as provide a service desk platform designed to help me help my end users. There's no way I could do what I do today without TriActive."


TriActive's Desktop Management suite not only provided Chateau with a comprehensive service desk. "The software capabilities of the Suite are great," continued Godfrey. "I use TriActive to automate and track patch deployment, software license compliance and procurement, software updates, and more across all our campuses."

The asset management piece of the TriActive Suite provides comprehensive software and hardware inventory reporting on BIOS and system age. This has allowed Godfrey to implement an asset refresh program whereas assets are procured, maintained, then retired over their lifecycle with ease. This has also helped provide the information needed for budget planning for both hardware and software purchases.

TriActive's help desk provides the management platform that has allowed Godfrey to remotely manage all campuses and handle the user issues. "TriActive's CSC is the greatest tool," said Godfrey. "It provides a self-service center for our end users to open and view their tickets and for me to communicate top issues and distribute training material. It allows me to train and enable my end users over different media and has reduced incoming tickets. Our end users feel more empowered because they feel they have a voice and it is heard."

The depth and breadth of TriActive's Desktop Management Suite provides everything needed for Chateau's asset, software, patch, remote control, and service desk needs. "The value TriActive brings Chateau is great," said Godfrey. "The reduction of man hours and expenses in diagnosing and resolving help desk issues, no more explaining the solution to several people over different media, no more driving time between buildings and campuses, and being able to automate after-hours patching are just a few of the benefits I get from TriActive."