Eagle Rock Distributing is a beverage distributor in Atlanta and North Georgia, selling several beers including Anheuser-Busch products, Yuengling, Fat Tire, plus many non-alcohol products. Product sales volume is over 10 million cases per year. Eagle Rock is a family owned business with a little over 200 employees.

IT Challenge

With an IT staff of just two, supporting multiple offices and more than 80 field people, making sure the company is using only legally licensed software, and ensuring the hardware is in working order was a growing challenge. Determining which machine and user had which software and hardware, and managing a realistic replacement strategy was nearly overwhelming for IT operations.

Inventory upgrades and system management was also a big challenge for IT. Eagle purchases hardware from Anheuser-Busch and from other smaller distributors they have acquired, making it complicated for IT to know the age and specifications of equipment across a range of inventory. During roll-outs and upgrades for sales and delivery software, it was not easy to determine which field units met minimum specifications for CPU, RAM, etc. The ongoing software procurement, deployment, and license compliance, as well as the hardware refresh schedules for assets spread over a wide territory was a daunting task.


After reviewing several software inventory and asset management solutions, Eagle Rock's team quickly decided on TriActive as a first priority for software license analysis. "The ease of deployment of TriActive's solution was unbeatable," said Warner Morris, IT Director, Eagle Rock Distributing. "Their SaaS platform provided better cost, easier installation and use and, compared to competitors, provided more features overall, and far better training — an hour of personalized support just on the free trial. Gathering information for rollup was always a pain, but TriActive's Desktop Management Suite with remote management, saves the huge time we had spent to manually gather information. Now we have help to solve problems before the user even knows anything is wrong."


"TriActive's inventory management gave us immediate help, and continues to be the biggest value of the Software Asset Management Suite," said Morris. "We instantly see the total number of computers, those approaching end-of-life, or needing other attention. The notification of details, such as hard drive free space is a great help, because we have several graphics computers that easily fill with unnecessary files. We find new value in the asset inventory management all of the time."

TriActive's Desktop Management suite also provides an integrated service desk, providing asset inventory as well as the tools to report and remotely manage those assets. "TriActive allows us to gather a lot of information from the help desk, and also helps with remote support to our field users," said Morris. "Compared to phone support averaging 15 minutes, we can now handle issues remotely in about 2 minutes, saving about 85% of IT time per issue. We can keep our environment secure and efficient, and our office and field users well supported in far less time, now that we have TriActive."

TriActive's ability to provide tools to reduce management costs as well as find and save on software licenses makes TriActive a very attractive management platform. "TriActive saves us money by removing unnecessary or unlicensed software and preventing wasted expense and licensing fines," said Morris. "It gives us a big snapshot of IT letting us maintain software license compliance, and better control of our hardware replacement budget. Most importantly, using TriActive lets us get sales people back to selling faster so that IT never interferes with the sales force."