NetMD Business℠


NetMD Business℠ provides medical billing, software solutions, and support services targeted to healthcare providers. NetMD Business offers a full range of clinical and administrative services such as recruiting, scheduling, credentialing, management, and quality improvement consulting for patient care in hospitals and clinics. Another business unit provides physician and mid-level provider staffing to emergency departments across the country. As a physician-owned and operated business, NetMD Business provides a specialized blend of clinical and practice capabilities with software and technology expertise. Supporting an average of 150 users in offices and clinics in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Virginia, NetMD Business is committed to helping physicians be more efficient and profitable in running their medical practices.

IT Challenge

NetMD Business's IT team of five had the challenge of supporting end-customers with users across multiple locations, as well as remote staff. They had a critical need to meet their users' demands in medical settings and had to deliver IT support at a high level, perform routine projects and maintenance without downtime, and meet multiple regulatory requirements in the health care industry.

"Approximately 10% of our users are remote," said Stanley Leong, IT Specialist at NetMD Business. "Each remote user has a unique and highly-configured laptop which requires constant support. It's very complex, because some doctors don't have email, some have higher network access privileges, so each user is unique. Add to this a dated management system that was not effective for tech support."

Leong's team needed a new comprehensive service desk and systems management solution that they could use to run 24/7 support for medical emergency rooms, hospitals, and connect to users without a problem—while running routine patches and maintenance processes, including strict inventory for compliance requirements.


Leong needed to move to an automated system management solution to support NetMD Business's growing company. After researching and evaluating multiple solutions, they chose and purchased TriActive's Desktop Management Suite™ back in 2009. That suite includes a comprehensive patch management module, hardware and software asset inventory and reporting, software distribution and licensing, patch management, remote control, and a full-featured service desk.

Leong says, "I insisted on TriActive, and the roll-out was easy. In fact, we deployed the 2007 Office Converter pack on the second day of the roll out. It was very impressive."


NetMD Business needed an asset management system to better track hardware and software inventory, as well as deliver remote support for users both traveling and at remote facilities.

Impressed with the TriActive's HelpDesk, and ease of customization, Leong also found that the HIPAA regulations are easily managed through inventory. "The inventory reports alert us if any software is missing, or if any unauthorized or unlicensed application has been added by a user. I can identify any compliance or security issues quickly. We run a tight shop in less time using TriActive."

The automated patch management and updates with TriActive's Desktop Management Suite is much faster. Leong says, "I can do my work from home remotely, patching every computer and server, and get done in an evening, versus a complete weekend before."

"TriActive's Software-as-a-Service solution is perfect for our IT systems management needs," concludes Leong. "It has reduced hours of IT support and maintenance by one and one-half full time employees, letting our team focus on future projects to support NetMD Business's growth."