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Unionbay is all about thinking for yourself—without taking yourself too seriously. The cutting-edge designs of Unionbay appeal to teens who are style leaders, always a step ahead of the latest trends and a step outside the mainstream. High-quality Unionbay sportswear and accessories, available in most major U.S. department stores, twist classic and contemporary styles with edgy detailing and a sense of fun. With our unique look and laid-back philosophy, we have become one of the leading apparel brands in the world, helping define teen fashion for 25 years.

IT Challenge

While the company's design's were cutting-edge, a few years ago, their service desk was not. "There was not a consistent way to submit a problem and track issues," said Danna Ramberg, Director of IT, Unionbay Sportswear. "Problem issues resided in each specialist's mailbox. If someone was out, nobody could pick up the ball where they left off. Issues were getting dropped and some were being worked on by multiple specialists. We struggled with all aspects of tracking. Problem issues were just the beginning. We were using a spreadsheet to track all the hardware and software we owned. This quickly got outdated and was very time consuming to keep current. Software was particularly difficult to manage, trying to find who needed software, where it was installed, who was using it, and if we had the correct number of licenses procured."


Unionbay selected TriActive's Desktop Management Suite as their new service desk platform in 2007. "We chose TriActive because it solved all of our problems with one solution, plus gave us bonus functionality," said Ramberg. "In addition to managing our tickets, hardware, and software, we can also deploy security patches and software, remote into systems and store our Knowledge Base Articles. Their SaaS platform made it easy for us to do our jobs and not focus on a help desk product. All our issues are now in one place, easily tracked, and fully integrated with our hardware and software inventory. The spreadsheets are gone and we use one tool for everything. It's great."

Unionbay was able to quickly capitalize on the inventory TriActive collected. The software catalog categorized all the titles and versions their users had installed, making it easy to find the unapproved software and begin to enforce software standards. This along with the software usage reports, made it simple for the staff to find the unused software in their environment. License compliance reporting provided the final piece for their staff to get complete control of their software procurement and compliance.


Broad functionality and the efficiency of shared data across all applications were critical for Unionbay. TriActive's Desktop Management suite provided a comprehensive service desk platform with fully integrated hardware and software inventory across their entire network. The software catalog has made sense of all the software in their environment and makes it easy to ensure PC security and software compliance. TriActive also automated the manual processes of hardware and software inventory that previously took hundreds of man-hours. With the increased efficiencies, Unionbay was able to support a growing organization with fewer IT resources.

"We can make better decisions now and can quickly address our workload before taking on new challenges," continued Ramberg. "TriActive continues to release new features every month that improve our team's efficiency. We keep extending our use of the product. While it started with help desk and inventory, we are using the software to track our IT projects and as our Change Control mechanism. Now we have one place to look for everything. Our IT staff is now as cutting-edge as our sportswear."