Wellborn Cabinet®


For over 45 years, Wellborn Cabinet® has been manufacturing kitchen and bath cabinetry. Our goal is to provide you with products that are crafted with the utmost quality and care…products that we are proud to build and products that you will be proud to own. We are dedicated to servicing Wellborn customers with our pledge to shipping accuracy and short lead times, and we'll continue to strive for excellence in this crucial function of our business.

At Wellborn, we appreciate the privilege of being your cabinetry supplier and we'll continue to bring you the best product at a competitive price with our service as a part of the sale – a true value.

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., is a family-owned business that was established in 1961. Years of individual dedication by hundreds of Wellborn employees has created today's multifaceted company. Located in the foothills and timber country of the Appalachian Mountains in Ashland, Alabama, Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., now encompasses over 2 million square feet and integrally operates its own timber processing mill.

IT Challenge

Wellborn's IT staff had a number of challenges supporting over 400 end users across five locations as well as many traveling sales people. With both LAN and mobile assets all over the United States, asset management tracking, and software distribution was done manually and proved difficult to keep up to date.

"Updates and patches were almost never completed due to the systems being so wide spread," said Darlene Trammell, CTO, Wellborn Cabinets. "For large support packs I usually had to work nights and weekends just to get them out." But without an asset management solution, Darlene had no way of running the needed reports to ensure that all systems had received the patches and were up to date.


After evaluating a number of solutions, Wellborn purchased TriActive's Patch Management Suite™ in January 2007. TriActive's Patch Suite is a comprehensive toolset providing all hardware and software asset inventory and reporting, software distribution and licensing, patch management, and remote control. "I installed TriActive and was able to push their MicroAgent out to all our assets in a matter of a couple of hours," said Trammell. "As soon as the agent was installed, I was immediately able to pull up all our assets' inventory information. Other information such as missing patches as well as all computer hardware information is very accessible."

TriActive's patented MicroAgent was the enabling technology for rapid deployment. Initiated from one desktop at a customer site, the MicroAgent auto-discovers other desktops and servers throughout the enterprise. It is non-intrusive to PC user activities, and can collect data even when devices are off-line, automatically updating once back on-line.


Wellborn needed an asset management system to better track hardware and software inventory. It also wanted to deliver remote support for users both traveling and at remote facilities. "TriActive provides me with up-to-date asset information for all our corporate assets," continued Trammell. "These reports help with our software licensing as well as hardware upgrades. The software inventory allows me the visibility to make sure the end users are not installing software that could potentially harm our network and cause downtime."

Trammell also said that the software distribution engine and automated patch management allows her to run scripts and schedule patch jobs to occur after-hours for all systems, both networked and remote. Easy-to-view Web reports provide a quick view of all their systems hardware, showing where any immediate needs are.

TriActive's SaaS solutions mean that the IT staff gets to focus on their work instead of building and maintaining an infrastructure. "Not having to maintain our own datacenter is a big plus," said Trammell. "From automating our inventory and reporting needs, to improving our patching efficiencies and reducing vulnerabilities, TriActive has saved me many man hours."