YMCA® of Metro Los Angeles


YMCA-LA has 25 branches throughout the city and provides many services to the community. Its mission is: To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. No one is turned away from YMCA facility membership due to inability to pay. Whether it is child care and after school programs or heath and spiritual services, the YMCA-LA provides valuable service to the entire community.

IT Challenge

The math is simple: the more money spent on running the institution, the less money available for the vital programs provided by YMCA-LA. Yet the infrastructure could not be ignored or the organization would crumble. The question that needed to be answered was, "How can we effectively manage the IT environment so that quality support is provided to all braches without impacting the community programs?"


In June of 2003, YMCA of Metro Los Angeles purchased Desktop Management Suite (DMS). DMS is the comprehensive solution that encompasses the full spectrum of systems management solutions (Asset, License, Patch, Configuration, Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Community). This solution provides an easy-to-use, fully-integrated, common UI, and–best of all–is maintenance-free.


Before subscribing to DMS and the Help desk tools, YMCA-LA used a manual system to support over 700 end users. Only one technician knew the details of each issue, and if that technician went out on another call, the information went with him. "It was impossible for us to keep track of all the incoming calls and no one ever had the information for all the calls," said Cindy Lee, Help Desk Manager. "With the DMS solution, YMCA-LA now has a well organized, efficient Help Desk. No tickets are ever lost and all technicians have all asset and ticket history information right at their fingertips. Accessing the information via the Web also has added efficiencies by involving end users in the ticket process. These users can view, update, and reopen tickets via the easy-to-use Customer Service Center (CSC), which allows more interaction between technician and end user. This improved communication translates into cost savings for the IT department."

Finally, YMCA-LA now also has the ability to run reports on the performance of the Help Desk, something that was not possible with the older manual process. These reports are used to justify the need for additional staff or to demonstrate how the Help Desk has continued to improve service while maintaining cost, an attribute that is essential to this community support organization.